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Promotions - Keys To Advancement

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Career advancement is not only based on how well you are doing but on how promotable you are. Some people do their jobs very well but are passed over for promotion.

Many factors affect a person's promotability. In considering whom to promote, employers will look for certain traits that define people of higher achievement:

energy - the ability to focus and direct activity towards productive ends

likeability - the ability to interact effectively with a wide range of people

integrity - honesty, reliability and ethical conduct

intelligence - the ability to learn and process information and make informed decisions

drive - the capacity for sustained self-motivation and the ability to encourage the efforts of others

willingness to sacrifice - dedicating the time and effort required to meet corporate objectives

As recruiters, we have seen that the people who advance the furthest in their careers are not necessarily the smartest or most knowledgeable, although these are important attributes. The people who are most often promoted are very often those who have learned the importance of developing relationships - with customers, colleagues and superiors.

The ability to cultivate strong relationships with other people up and down the reporting structure, as well as with outside parties,  has been found to be a key factor in the awarding of positions of leadership in progressive companies at whatever level of authority.

In cases of mentorship, someone has taken a liking to an aspiring individual, identified with them, and is motivated to see that person succeed in their chosen field.

It is just as important to cultivate relationships as it is to cultivate knowledge and produce results.

Who gets promoted first?

The four most important factors in determining how fast you are promoted:

Top performers in all fields have these qualities in common: