What To Look for in a Recruiter

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Recruiters in Canada are paid by the employers who engage their services to find candidates for specific positions.

A recruiter's function is to act as an extension of the employer and to assess the qualifications of candidates for a specific position. Different companies have different standards and measures of performance.

You are being viewed according to a number of changing criteria apart from the technical skills needed to do the job. A recruiter is constantly putting you in front of his/her client mentally to see if there is a good "fit", linking the client's needs and the candidate's expectations.

Your personal presentation is being scrutinized and this includes dress, speech, attitudes, maturity, values and leadership potential.

The way you ask questions and structure your responses, stay on the topic, maintain eye-contact,  and the attitudes you express towards present and past employers will all influence whether or not the recruiter will refer you for consideration to his/her client.

Honesty is vital in establishing a relationship of trust both with your recruiter and with your prospective employer.

Have updated employment references contact information to give the recruiter. It is helpful to pre-alert your contacts and past employers that a reference call may be made to them. Very often, a more focused reference or recommendation is provided as a result of advising the contact beforehand.

One of the chief concerns of recruiters and employers is the area of counter-offers. This happens when upon resigning after an offer is made, the employee decides to stay for more money, a promotion or future promises. The recruiter needs to know that you are committed to making a move.

The time to call the recruiter is when you have made the inner decision to leave your present employer or circumstances suggest seeking guidance and direction. That is when a recruiter can best assist you.

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Points to Remember ~ Meeting with the Recruiter

  • Resumes should not exceed 2 or 3 pages, maximum.

  • Include the dates of employment.

  • Check and double-check the resume for typographical errors.

  • Edit your cover letter for focus, impact and grammar.

  • Include a general salary/compensation area of interest to you.

  • Be on time for an interview - call if delayed.

  • Dress in business attire.

  • Speak well of all former employers - avoid negative attitudes.

  • Be prepared to talk about yourself positively and with enthusiasm.

  • Be aware of your body language.

  • Answer questions with direct eye-contact.

  • Stay on the topic and minimize verbal rambling.

  • Ask questions about the position and the company.

  • Be prepared to explain gaps in employment.

  • Volunteer contact information concerning employer-references.

  • Speak at a moderate pace to avoid rushing your answers.

  • Ask the recruiter how you can improve your presentation.

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