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Self-Assessment, Taking Personal Inventory

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Part 1 : Self-Assessment: Am I Ready To Move?

  1. Are you making a decision based on impulse or careful reflection?

  2. Have you had a conflict situation which makes you temporarily angry enough to leave?

  3. Do you feel a sense of urgency to make a move?

  4. Are you looking for a way for your employer to finally recognize you and your hard work?

  5. Do you feel that giving your employer a shock by resigning might get them to see things your way?

  6. Have you exhausted all options for advancement  where you are presently?

  7. Are you prepared to weather the storm of a counter-offer situation and equally committed to
    standing by your word once you have given it in accepting an offer - to act with personal integrity?

  8. Are you aware that your decision to move may not be respected by your current employer
    and that strenuous efforts and promises may be made to get you to stay?

  9. Have you reviewed our page on Counter-Offers and Why Companies Make Them?

It is vital that your decision to move be finalized before you ask us to represent you to our clients.
Recruiters are trained to be alert to signs of impulsiveness or lack of commitment when representing
people for career opportunities. A lot of time - the employer's and the candidate's- can be
wasted in interviewing  a person  who really isn't ready or serious about making a move, and who
is only going through the motions to get a better deal where they are, presently.
Please be sure that you have weighed both the pros and cons of leaving and that you have made
up your mind to do so. If so, then please send your resume.

Part 2: Taking Inventory

  1. Know yourself - your strengths and weaknesses, both professionally and personally.

  2. Where do you shine and where do you need to improve your skills/abilities?

  3. How do you intend to improve your industry knowledge in making a move?

  4. How do you define your value and your worth to your employer?

  5. How effective a communicator are you?

  6. How effective a listener are you?

  7. How do you react in handling problems and finding solutions?

  8. What strengths of character do you demonstrate in your work?

  9. How strong are your interpersonal skills?

  10. What have your performance reviews highlighted as your contributions?

  11. Success means different things to different people - what does it mean to you?

  12. What do you derive the greatest personal satisfaction from in your work?

  13. Determine what is most important to you in making a move and in what order:

  14. Advancement, recognition, security, money, benefits.

  15. What sort of company appeals to you - Large, medium, small, start-up?

  16. What sort of role do you think you are best suited to play in an organization?

  17. What degree of risk are you prepared to take to progress in your career?

  18. How well  do you handle uncertainty and change?

  19. What compromises/sacrifices are you willing to make to progress in your career?

It is important to ask yourself these  questions in making the inner decision to move.

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